The rail industry – in North America, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific – continues to be a leading indicator of economic health. There is growing pressure from government regulations, unionization and stockholder expectations to improve operational performance. Where’s the industry headed?

A strategy for the long haul

Recently, Argo developed a long-term Enterprise Asset Performance improvement strategy for locomotives, railcars, and infrastructure at a Class 1 railroad in North America.

We are significantly improving the availability, reliability, and labor productivity associated with the use, maintenance and servicing of locomotives.

Keeping the industry on-track through Operations Performance

Our four-step approach delivers a company-wide implementation model applicable to all major asset groups:

  • Identify assets and measures
  • Create an asset vision
  • Develop work streams to align and prioritize action
  • Deliver productivity results

We are your coach and partner in Operational Excellence

The Argo difference is we create the appropriate behavioral model to ensure that operational implementation is sustainable. We believe any model for change must include all employees and must be sustained day in and day out. Argo stays with your company – from the CEO to team on the floor – until operational excellence becomes part of the organizational DNA.

Key challenges rail systems are facing

  • Significant pressure to eliminate waste
  • Improve operations
  • Comply with more stringent regulations
  • Follow environmentally friendly practices

European rail systems are embarking on an ambitious growth strategy to position them as the transportation backbone and number one mode of transportation in Europe. This transportation transformation will require an experienced partner who understands the challenges and can provide results-driven solutions.