Both in North America, Argo’s heavy asset management expertise is helping clients implement industrial engineering techniques to achieve improved productivity.

Our asset optimization process can offer high-impact benefits in crucial areas. For example:

  • Terminal train processing improvement to improve OTP
  • Rebuild & overhaul programs
  • Labor productivity
  • Multi-facility mechanical operational improvement
  • Develop engine rebuild commercial business

Change the process

Our industrial engineering process is built on a management rigor system where we address the process, the culture and sustaining outcomes. This includes:

  • Design-improved asset workflow
  • Work scope progress tracking
  • Rigorous process for fine-tuning / continuous evolution
  • Line design and right-sizing
  • Materials staging
  • Equipment tooling
  • Significant benefits in labor productivity: 1st time quality and on-time performance
  • Comprehensive Operating Playbook

Change the culture

Our experience has taught that it is critical that we pay careful attention to both the execution and leadership behaviors in order to sustain the elevated levels of performance. This includes:

  • Fact-based management system
  • Cascading goal setting
  • Right metrics. Right time. Right leadership.
  • Knowledge transfer of key industrial engineering tools

The seasoned, certified experienced consultants connect seamlessly with the trades providing hands-on learning improvement tools at the right pace. We are equally fluent in leadership behavior – evaluating and coaching leadership to understand the pivotal role they play in driving success.