What We Have Learned

Argo’s Dantar Oosterwal published The Lean Machine in 2010. In decade that followed, a few things have revealed themselves to be particularly influential to the success of lean product development — or, conversely, lack thereof:

Lesson 1: Senior leaders often do not recognize the connection of product development to the success of their businesses.
Lesson 2: Connect lean product development to the business.
Lesson 3: It’s complicated. 
Lesson 4: It’s a transformation.
Lesson 5: It’s a system.
Lesson 6: Development is much more global, leveraging widely diverse and dispersed teams.
Lesson 7: Visual management uncovers problems and empowers collaboration and learning.
Lesson 8: Proactive Learning Cycles are fundamental for effective development.
Lesson 9: Agile development has evolved from lean product development for a special case.


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