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Operations Consultants for forward-thinking leaders in industry and private equity for improved, sustainable performance.

Where’s my Gain Potential?

Operational Vendor Due Diligence

An Independent, Effective Communication of a Company’s Current and Potential Performance to Maximize Exit Value

Vendor due diligence gets deals done faster and achieves exit values for sellers that often exceed expectations. Read our latest white paper to learn how ARGO-EFESO enables sellers to communicate value to buyers and streamline the sales process.

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Seizing Opportunities in Challenging Times: Strategic Countermeasures for Enhancing Profitability and Positioning for Growth

Read our article from Chemical Week Magazine to learn what initiatives the best run chemical process industry companies are taking to build world-class performance driven organizations.

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We have a dashboard for our firm. It's called experience.

We are a CEO’s special forces team of global industry experts. Operations consultants who have worked deep inside companies and driven performance and success. We activate insights that can only be found in the trenches where experts are forged from experience. And results.

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