Focus on Critical Challenges. Do Things Right.

The chances are, the challenges you face today are not new. But they are persistent, and difficult to fix. Argo has worked with some of the world’s largest aerospace companies and defense contractors, as well as Tier I and II suppliers to help solve their most important and complex operational problems. Problems that can threaten relationships with clients, and ultimately bottom lines.

Some of the challenges we have helped aerospace & defense clients overcome include:

  • Issues with quality, such as escapes/removals, or rework due to test failure
  • Delivery performance issues, such as scheduling problems, production bottlenecks, capacity consumed by rework, insufficient capacity, and engineering driven stoppages
  • Failure to deliver anticipated margins due to excessive labor hours, including too much scrap/rework, too much indirect labor, material costs, cost of poor quality, or expedite charges

Argo’s industry experts perform an analysis for each client, and then we use our findings to design and lead multi-faceted projects to address the unique challenges our clients face. We diagnose areas of waste, variability, and inefficiency in the operating system and then redesign, and implement, not just the new production system, but also the management structure that improves the bottom line and ensures accountability and sustainability. By working hand-in-hand with our client’s employees, we ensure the buy-in from the senior leadership team all the way to the front line employee, leaving behind a new culture, mindsets and behaviors.

We understand the strategic issues our aerospace & defense clients face, and have developed expertise in:

  • Standards compliance and process improvement, including AS9100 rev D, AS9145, manufacturing readiness level and production readiness assessments
  • Engineering capability improvement, including lean product development, product value management, VA/VE, design for manufacturability, engineering change process, and cycle time reduction
  • Production/manufacturing improvement, including improved product flow, pull vs push strategy, standard work, visual factory, material movement/availability, lean techniques for productivity, six sigma tools for quality.
  • Factory redesign to meet the needs of changing priorities

Operational change requires a focused effort by talented change leaders, people who are skilled and equipped to lead performance improvement projects with your people.  Argo’s consultants have a proven track record of producing just that – through process improvement, through the right management systems, and through adapting new behaviors.  We teach people who are doing the right things how to do the right things right – and that makes all the difference.