Change the Process. Change the Culture. Change Results.

It starts with an industrial engineering approach to craft a customized operations playbook. From the shop to the upper echelons of management, every person plays a role. We train, collaborate and coach your team to peak performance – and put a process in place to sustain it.

  • We work collaboratively with the workforce using industrial engineering techniques to achieve improved productivity.
  • We implement a management rigor system that includes fact-based decision making (versus anecdotal decisions) and contingency plans. Every day we challenge our progress on assets being maintained or built. We reinforce behaviors and adhere to the rigorous standardized way of working.
  • We work with leaders, defining roles and responsibilities, reinforcing compliance around the playbook. We have developed a proven leadership behavior model customized for transportation that teaches leaders how to apply consequences to effectively gain discretionary effort by their employees.

We are world-leading operations experts on transportation efficiency – the partner of choice for the largest freight rail, mass transit, and passenger rail companies as well as the largest airlines – who improve financial performance and customer service by developing Centers of Excellence around workforce discipline and leadership sustainability.

Within the Enterprise Asset Management arena, we are the experts in precision operations, helping our railroad and airline clients better align their operations with strategy. In transportation, heavy assets are so often the most expensive cost center and the challenge is optimizing costs, performance and risks for the complete asset life cycle.

We understand that asset management has a profound impact on service and cost. It’s both our time-tested process and industry experience that improves performance and profitability for our clients.

Transportation clients in U.S., Canada and Europe turn to Argo to provide:

  • Safer transportation and operations
  • Optimize costs
  • Create greater return on assets
  • More productive and effective workforce

Our customized industrial engineered processes address:

  • Operations efficiency in transportation operations, mechanical operations, engineering operations, customer service and onboard services
  • Developing Transit Asset Management Plan
  • Optimizing asset utilization
  • Controlling costs while improving safety, on-time performance and customer service

All our consultants are senior industry practitioners who take a collaborative hands-on approach working seamlessly across all levels of management and employees.