Changing Face Of The Consumer in the Food & Beverage Industry

Consumers want more personalized products. They are demanding more sustainable products and visibility of the sources and impact of what they eat and drink. They are quality conscious and want to be able to make ethical choices through transparency across the whole value chain.

Across the globe, the food and beverage industry is facing fierce pressure on margins and value. Growth is spread across even more products in many fragmented markets with rising raw materials, energy and labour costs.

Increasing complexity requires an agile response to the market, a supply chain adapted to global and local demands and a higher speed of product development to market.

People also want transparency, ethical employers and brands to which they can relate and promote. Continuous improvement, agile response and digital optimisation are increasingly people driven. We see here a great opportunity to embrace the next generation of consumers in this development.

Core Service Offerings

We contribute to end-to-end value creation through our PHDS augmented service portfolio

Production and Operational Excellence

  • Operations strategy
  • Industrial footprint
  • Design for operational excellence Future factory/ Smart factory
  • Industrial sustainability
  • Op. performance improvement
  • Op. excellence (site/ company level)
  • Process Kaizen Engineers (OPKE)

Supply Chain Excellence

  • Supply chain strategy
  • Cost-to-serve reduction
  • Asset productivity improvement Inventory, cash, service optimization
  • Change management and digital transformation
  • Talent & organization development

Idea to Value

  • Smart Product Development
  • Design to Value
  • Value Engineering
  • Specialized Integrated Procurement
  • R&D Optimization
  • PLM

Specialized Services

  • Labs Excellence
  • Sales & Service excellence
  • Deep organizational transformation

Leveraging Integrated PHDS Transversal Capabilities

Process Dynamics: Flows (processes, activities) streamlining and lifecycle optimization

Human Dynamics: Leadership, Engagement & competence, Systemic change & collaboration

Digital transformation: Industry 4.0, Advanced analytics, Infra architecture design, Software applications

Sustainability: Sustainability assessment, Sustainable operations, Sustainability strategy and roadmap