In today’s business, the most frequently asked question is “How do I reduce costs and improve revenue?”

Whether a company is looking at a turnaround, restructuring, or an acquisition, operational due diligence designed to, not only validate current processes and capabilities, but also, to determine opportunities to create additional value, is critical to the equation.

This is not for beginners.

ARGO-EFESO’s Business Rationalization Consulting team provides executive-level and real-world experience – getting into the operations of any company – realigning it for better performance and profitability.

This is complicated, detail-heavy, time-consuming work that cannot be put on some manager’s “to-do” list. We know how to build plans and implement them with discipline and urgency.

Business Rationalization

Restructuring and turnarounds are often the result of not achieving desired profitability, or to prevent the failure of an operation, and time can be a crucial factor. It’s easy to manage during good times, but it takes an experienced, accountable, results-driven consultant to take a company through the difficult times. ARGO-EFESO’s Business Rationalization Consulting team takes the organization through a process that identifies ways to reduce costs, increase revenue and sustaining these betterments by using continuous performance improvement tools to determine a more efficient way to run the business. Our expertise across sectors/industries includes:

  • Footprint Analysis Rationalization (Reduction and Consolidation) Manufacturing Operations, Service Operations, G&A and Sales Offices, and Warehouse locations
  • Supply Chain: Volume discounts for Purchased Materials, Good and Services, Freight-in and Freight-out Consolidation, Traffic Management, Product Standardization, and SKU Reduction
  • Product Value Management: Function-Driven Redesign to Cost, Creation of “Best Of” New Products and Product Portfolio Rationalization
  • G&A Expense Reduction: Administration, Executive Costs, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, R&D
  • Sale and Order Processing and Commercial Standardization

Mergers and Acquisitions

We are a go-to team for both private equity firms and corporations investing in growth through acquisition. Successful M&A requires an exhaustive plan, well-supported project management and a genuine corporate commitment to both. ARGO-EFESO’s precision planning determines and validates the synergistic benefits of the acquisition. Our expertise includes:

  • Operational due diligence
  • Synergy validation, determination and execution
  • Turnaround and restructuring
  • Acquisition integration