We work with private equity firms across the investment lifecycle

Since 1998, Argo’s international Private Equity team has worked on deal evaluations and portfolio optimization in more than 25 countries worldwide – performing operations due diligence and post-acquisition implementation with accuracy, speed, and precision. We scrutinize every aspect of the operation that are critical for our PE clients’ investment thesis and will constitute an opportunity for incremental EBITDA.  Immediately after a close, we help the portfolio companies develop an operating agenda to capture value during and after the first 100 days.

Acquisition Support:

Over the past 20 years we have performed countless operations due diligence for our global private equity clients, including vendor due diligence.  We have developed a world-class team of experts who offer merger acquisition support to our clients, as well.

Portfolio Optimization:

Our portfolio assessments involve a fast pace in-depth analysis of our client’s operational performance producing detailed benefit quantification, and implementation roadmaps tailored to the portfolio’s needs to drive EBITDA improvement. We focus and adapt the operations due diligence to the initial investment hypotheses and investment thesis of our private equity clients.

We provide revenue and margin enhancement through the development of growth strategies, sales operations improvement, pricing and margin management, value engineering, innovation, portfolio optimization and aftermarket optimization.

Our cost optimization methodology focuses on improving direct costs, G&A, and human capital. We have developed over 20 years of global experience comparing our our client’s cost structure to industry benchmarks.

Our asset optimization structure is focused on maintenance reliability and overall equipment effectiveness with a philosophy of improvement driven by data and asset performance. Our consultants understand the strategies associated with growing revenue, as well as improving the product life cycle service cost structure.

Our supply chain, manufacturing, procurement, industrial aftermarket and value engineering and innovation services are led by seasoned professionals who have extensive industry experience.

Exit Support:

Our sell side vendor due diligence and synergy assessments provide a critical look into the portfolio’s performance and strategies to support the exit. We provide assessment and implementation support required to optimize value during the selling process.

We speak private equity in 22 languages across a focused set of industry verticals.

With a presence in over 20 countries and serving the U.S., European and the Asia-Pacific markets, Argo’s private equity practice has a solid track record. We understand the urgency that this type of work demands and have highly responsive teams that complete the work in short order. Once the acquisition is made, our biggest contribution is assisting our clients in achieving the full revenue and EBITDA potential.

Our experience-based approach to create value:

Dedicated Global Practice: Combines operational performance improvement and expertise to help make informed decisions and create value.

Argo Difference: Dedicated private equity performance improvement professionals with deep operating and functional expertise. We leverage our broader operations group bringing expertise to private equity portfolio companies.

Dedicated Industry Vertical and SMEs: Dedicated transaction expertise with a deep subject matter knowledge in wide variety of industries.

Client Flexibility: Flexibility in terms of our approach and fees.

Dedicated Relationship Management: Consistent level of quality senior-level account relationship leads and client service teams.

















Private Equity Services

Industries Served



Buy Side Due Diligence

Merger Integration / Carve-Out Planning

  • Day One / 100-Day Plan Development
  • Carve-Out Planning and Execution
  • Post Merger Integration Execution
  • PMO Planning


Portfolio Assessment

  • Operational Analysis
  • Benefit quantification
  • Implementation Roadmap

Revenue / Margin Enhancement

  • Growth strategy
  • Sales Ops improvement
  • Pricing / margin management
  • New product / market entry
  • Aftermarket Optimization

Cost Efficiency / Reduction

  • Direct Costs
  • SG&A
  • Human Capital

Supply Chain / Procurement

  • Outsourcing and Off-shoring
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • SIOP

Product Innovation & Value Management

Working Capital Management

  • Improve Cash Conversion Cycle
  • DIO Improvement
  • DPO Improvement
  • DSO Improvement
  • Inventory Turns

Asset Optimization

  • Data quality and availability assessment
  • Monitoring diagnostic and prognostics
  • Service revenue enhancement
  • Service cost optimization
  • Asset Reliability & OEE
  • Maintenance system and structure








Sell Side Due Diligence

  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Synergy Assessment
  • Cost reduction implementation planning