Speed. Precision. Performance.

When private equity firms invest into industrial companies, they increasingly make operational due diligence a priority during the diligence process. The value creation within the investment thesis needs to target areas where improved performance can generate significant amounts of value. As private equity firm realize this, they need the support of professionals that can estimate the value and risks in the operations of a target company within the very short time frame and limited information availability provided by the seller. Argo has a track record of more than 18 years providing just that.

Operational due diligence for real performance

Since 1998, Argo’s disciplined international Private Equity team has worked on deal evaluations in more than 25 countries worldwide – performing operations due diligence with accuracy, speed, and precision. We scrutinize the aspects of the operation that are critical for our PE clients’ investment thesis and that will constitute an opportunity for incremental EBITDA.  Immediately after a close, we help the portfolio companies develop an operating agenda to capture value during and after the first 100 days.

Our private equity consulting teams bring extensive experience to our engagements across the entire value-creation spectrum: from operational due diligence to operational strategy and operations transformation post-acquisition, to successful exit planning.

We speak private equity in 22 languages

With a presence in over 20 countries and serving the U.S., European and the Asia-Pacific markets, Argo’s private equity practice has a solid track record. We understand the urgency that this type of work demands and have highly responsive teams that can complete the work in short order. Once the acquisition is made, our biggest contribution is assisting companies in achieving the full revenue and EBITDA potential.