Performance that is significant. Measurable. Sustainable.

Supply and demand dynamics drive the energy and natural resources sector more than any other.  Operations and maintenance efficiency is critical to the bottom line.  Stability and agility in the work-flow are paramount.  Running plant operations with minimal waste and high reliability. Spending the right amount, on the right things to maximize that reliability. Not to mention keeping costs competitive.

We know.

Our team of industry experts understand the best way to transform operations and sustain performance is through implementation of a continuous improvement culture and a drive towards excellence throughout the whole supply chain.

Our method embeds the latest digitization and visualization tools to improve team collaboration and virtualization of critical tasks to drive productivity.

  • Capital Projects
    Capital Projects

    Transforming the way projects are managed using Lean Construction Techniques that are giving clients a competitive advantage.

  • Turnaround/Outages

    Helping clients improve turnaround predictability, performance, and longer interval durations.

  • Operations

    Helping clients improve safe, reliable, and steady production through proven Visual Management and Lean Production Solutions

  • Maintenance & Reliability
    Maintenance & Reliability

    Helping plants achieve step change improvements in effectiveness and efficiency using Pull Based Maintenance

  • Contractor Management
    Contractor Management

    Helping clients select and improve contractor performance that gives them a competitive advantage.

  • Logistics

    Helping clients improve the flow of feedstocks, intermediates, and products at optimum rates and costs.

Our operations and performance leadership are put to work across the Global Oil and Gas Value Chain:

  • Upstream: Exploration, Field Development, Production Operations
  • Mid-Stream: Transportation, Processing, Storage and Distribution
  • Downstream: Manufacturing, Refining and Petro-Chemicals, Wholesale and Marketing
  • Equipment manufacturing in the conventional /non-conventional production environments

Our international team of change agents work with energy and natural resources clients in nine specific areas:

  • Increase efficiency in maintenance work-order management
  • Reduce downtime, execution barriers and unplanned events
  • Reduce construction and capital costs
  • Increase throughput and reduce costs in rail operations
  • Improve Turnaround process – Better scheduling – reduce overall times
  • Efficiency of Preventive Maintenance for reliability
  • Develop suppliers for continuous improvement in true partnership models
  • Ensure sustainment of improvement with digital – app based tools

Our team has deep experience in operational optimization including:

  • Overall labor productivity analysis and waste elimination
  • Core workflow management – Work order mapping, scoping and quality
  • Preventive Maintenance efficiency and equipment reliability
  • Best maintenance practices to eliminate waste and repeat work
  • Spare parts management and materials availability
  • Inventory planning and execution accuracy for optimal net working capital
  • Contractor utilization analysis and management practices
  • Make vs. buy analysis for overhaul and repair
  • Logistics, sourcing and warehouse management
  • Supply chain management
  • Lean Construction – better planning and execution to eliminate waste on large construction projects

ARGO’s global team is especially suited to combine sector expertise with local knowledge of the language, country-specific industry customs and local shop-floor culture.

Client Testimonials
Argo was referred to us by one of Canada’s largest railway operators, and were ultimately shortlisted based on their demonstrated capacity and capability for developing lean talent. This lead to a three year partnership in which we were able to develop 25+ internal “lean practitioners”, who then went on to achieve millions in savings for the Upstream side of the business. Argo’s combination of lean tool deployment and behavioural-based leadership development proved to be a great formula for building sustaining skills with our workforce. Several of those leaders have gone on to senior positions and still rely on that experience to continuously improve our business.
– Global Continuous Improvement Director at a major Canadian oil producer

Change the process

Our industrial engineering and Lean – continuous improvement process is built on a management rigor system where we address the process, the culture and sustaining outcomes. This includes:

  • Design-improved asset workflow
  • Work scope progress tracking
  • Rigorous process for fine-tuning / continuous evolution
  • Maintenance shop work area design and flow to eliminate waste
  • Materials staging and presentation
  • Equipment tooling availability and reliability
  • Significant benefits in labor productivity: 1st time quality and on-time performance
  • Reduced repeat work
  • Comprehensive Operating and Maintenance Playbook for knowledge transfer

Change the culture

Our experience has taught that it is critical that we pay careful attention to both the execution and leadership behaviors in order to sustain the elevated levels of performance. This includes:

  • Fact-based management system
  • Cascading goal setting and regular accountability dialogue
  • Right metrics. Right time. Right leadership.
  • Knowledge transfer of key industrial engineering tools
  • Coaching for Continuous Improvement behaviors and leading change
  • Ensuring the human chain is connected using visual management and dynamic problem solving

The seasoned, certified energy and natural resources consultants connect seamlessly with the craft and supervising ranks providing hands-on learning improvement tools at the right pace.

Argo team members are expert coaches in leadership behaviors – evaluating and coaching leadership at all levels to understand the pivotal role they play in driving success and ensuring sustainment.


Argo’s proven team of industry experts understand how to rapidly transform your operations to achieve breakthrough performance. We’d value a conversation, 312-543-1026.

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