The Argo Transformation System occurs at the intersection of change management and performance management

Driving your strategy from the boardroom to the bottom line

We work with the ambitious, forward-thinking leaders in industry, government, and private equity who believe transformation does not come from a PowerPoint, but is driven by substantive behavioral change and a results-focused process.

Argo views our change management and performance management systems as parts of a fully integrated approach. We work with your strategy, translating it into tactics to accelerate improvement. Through this process we create a culture of ongoing improvement ensuring you continue to evolve long after the last consultant heads home.

Helping Your People Be Extraordinary

Our Transformation System is not an afterthought or academic exercise, but rather a set of principles we live every day as we work with our clients to transform their organizations. The principles we live by complement Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, and Product Innovation and Value Management to ensure new thinking is reflected in behaviors.

These principles combine with our battle-tested behavioral performance management system and transformation of work methods to form an integrated management system that works in any industry to connect the C-Suite to the front line and drive daily excellence and improvement.

Imagine if your people showed up every day and did the right things in the right way at the right time. That’s the power of the “Argo Transformation System” – the power to change your organization’s DNA and transform your results.

Change is our business.

At Argo, change is our business. Change Management is fundamental to the success of an engagement. It is the difference between substantive, sustainable improvement and a temporary bump in performance. It is central to the way we work.

Our success depends on the successful transformation of your business results, regardless of industry or scale of your operation. We move with urgency to secure long-term impact, guided by four principles:

  1. Manage Risk
  2. Respect the Individual
  3. Organize Around Value Creation
  4. Question Everything

These principles focus our efforts on the goal of developing your people and equipping them to consistently deliver success. They remind us that we are your “co-pilot”, not a “backseat driver”, as we partner for sustainable success.

Whether direct classroom learning or working alongside Argo coaches, your leaders at every level absorb these principles, setting them up to influence continued, ongoing success.

Ensuring performance results

Successful change requires connecting change efforts to the objectives of the business. To ensure success, we create systems for measuring performance, ensuring we achieve the right results in the right way – putting performance reviews on a fact-based footing. We guide our work through leading indicators, actionable intelligence, and tools to effectively steer the enterprise.

Change behavior. Change performance.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to change management and achieving performance. Our experience has taught us that the Argo Transformation System’s focus on optimal behaviors positions large-scale change efforts to achieve measurable, sustained results.

While recognizing that your organization is unique, the Argo Transformation System follows these 6 steps:

  1. Determine or clarify your organization’s strategic goals
  2. Devise an intervention that provides a clear method for achieving those goals
  3. Identify critical sets of behaviors that owners must exhibit
  4. Distill the roles and responsibilities to simple, observable behaviors and clearly communicate them to employees
  5. Monitor employee performance on a regular basis
  6. Promote the desired behavior

Argo’s Performance and Development experts puts the tools for rapid and sustainable change in your team’s hands, and then helps them build a culture that makes ongoing performance breakthroughs a daily reality.