We work with teams to achieve industry-leading availability levels and reduce unplanned losses

Reliable operations are essential in Oil & Gas to maintain production level requirements, to prevent unscheduled maintenance and to avoid accidents or environmental events.  Aging facilities and mechanical integrity are frequent concerns.  We strive to put in practice front-line (Ops and maintenance) directed capabilities and best practices to promote the tenets of a high reliability organization.

Capabilities / Accelerators

  • Best Practice Assessment / Gap Closure
  • Equipment Improvement Teams
  • Rapid Improvement Zone Blitzes
  • Structured problem solving and Root Cause analysis
  • Production Loss Visual Command Center

Typical Results for Clients

  • 13% to 18% Reduction in Production Loss
  • 33% to 110% Improvement in Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • 20% to 55% iImprovement in Preventive vs. Corrective Performance

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