The rapidly changing business environment of our days challenges organizations to continuously adjust their product portfolio offerings to changing customer needs, technology advances and regulation, to name a few.

Argo provides the mechanisms and tools for companies to swiftly and effectively optimize their portfolio. Four venues are key to that end: open innovation, design thinking, component standardization and modular design.

Imagine a real situation that a company may face – more and more functions of what traditionally had been solved my mechanical features are now being performed by software related solutions. If you take the cockpit of a car, it is now a set of touch screens with electronic buttons that manage all kind of functions that had been performed my mechanic switches. Our portfolio management approach would start by developing a deep “empathy” with current and future users (given that old persons and the millennia drive cars with completely different backgrounds), describing and re-defining their expectations through Design Thinking. The engineers take that new user experience and translate them into needs that can be solved internally and those that cannot (remember that nowadays you never have the perfect match of engineering capabilities vs. market needs). For those problems that cannot be solved internally, the engineers describe them in technical terms so that they use open innovation to get answers. The internal and external answers are then laid out in such a form that they can be implemented in a modular form, so that the cost impact is managed. And finally, the different engineering disciplines check where the new features can be standardized across products and/or platforms to leverage volume.

We have created approaches to accomplish all these working mechanisms effectively and fast.

  • Open Innovation

  • Modular Design

  • Design Thinking

  • Component Standardization